Photos from Malmö Half Marathon
and Malmö Höstmil 10K 2017

Photo: Sari Lindvall

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Welcome to
Malmö Half Marathon
30th September 2017

Malmö Half Marathon is arranged for the 7th time and the race is on Saturday 30th September 2017, at 15.00 PM.

Southern Sweden's largest half marathon with a fast and central course with start and finish at Malmö Stadion.

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The Course
The new course is now updated with KM-markings, music and fluid stations.

To the course

The course
The new course is now updated. A new course map with KM- markings, music and water stations will be published shortly.

To the course

Registration is now open for 2017.

Malmö Half Marathon & Malmö Höstmil 10K, 2017-09-30.

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Course Map
The start and finish line is in Malmö Stadion.

Malmö Half Marathons first lap goes through the center of Malmö City and the runners will run one lap inside Malmö Stadion at 10 KM. Then the course continues an 11 KM towards Hyllie and back to the finish line in Malmö Stadion.

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The distance is 21 097.5 meters for Malmö Half Marathon.
The start and finish line is in Malmö Stadion.
© Map Malmö Stadsbyggnadskontor

Photo: Ola Flisbäck

Photo: Stig Nilsson

Photo: Stig Nilsson

Photo: MAI